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Why you should invest in gold?

With the passing of Law 7/2000 (Italian law), which governs the gold market, private citizens can purchase gold as investment.

In particular, the law recognizes as "investment gold" that in the form of ingots or plaques of purity equal to or greater than 995 thousandths, and coins of purity equal to or greater than 900 thousandths, minted after 1800 or that were used as legal tender in your country of origin. Furthermore, it is established that investment gold, pursuant to art. 10 point 11 of the aforementioned law, can be sold free of VAT.

Gold has therefore become an investment. These are the main reasons why it is still considered an excellent investment today.

Monetary reserve: Gold has long performed the function of money, helped by the fact that it is divisible, transportable, easily recognizable and accepted as a form of payment. Also, it is considered as a monetary reserve thanks to the fact that it has maintained its value over time, it has not been infected by inflation in the same way as current currencies. Linked to this characteristic is the second reason that motivates investments in gold.

Unlike currencies, it is not directly influenced by market trends. For this reason, a large amount of gold is held by the states and banks as a monetary reserve. In a period of great financial uncertainty like the current one, gold is a safe haven and therefore a safe investment. Its high liquidity means that it can always be traded or sold.

Gold offers the possibility of diversifying other investments, such as stocks and bonds, thanks to it not being directly dependent on the factors that influence other types of investments.

Thus, gold has long been accepted as a form of payment, retains its value over time, is transportable, divisible, easily recognizable and allows, through its weight, value determination of an object.

Let us buy your gold at Gioielleria Pezzuto Antonio

This is a list of what we will easily buy:

Ingots ("artisanal" ingots without standard form and appropriate punches will be evaluated after testing the metal or with a 730% grade)

Gold of 999‰

Gold of 750‰

Let us buy your gold at Gioielleria Pezzuto Antonio

Gold Coins

Pounds Sterling (916 gold)

Queen Victoria Pound

Queen Elizabeth pound

Pound King Edward

King George Pound

½ Pound

Let us buy your gold at Gioielleria Pezzuto Antonio

Francs (marenghi, 900 gold)

20 gold francs

10 gold francs

Krugerrand (gold 916‰)

½ Krugerrand

¼ Krugerrand

Let us buy your gold at Gioielleria Pezzuto Antonio


10 dollars gold (gold 900‰)

20 dollars gold (gold 900‰)

50 dollars gold (gold 900‰)

Ducati(gold 985‰)

1 ducato

4 ducati



Pesos (900 ‰ gold)

Fiorini (900 ‰ gold)

100 Crowns (900 ‰ gold)

Let us buy your gold at Gioielleria Pezzuto Antonio

Jewels(gold 750‰;585‰; 333‰)






Gold watches (in the case of watches, the price will depend exclusively on the quantity of gold; therefore, the mechanism will be removed)

Let us buy your gold at Gioielleria Pezzuto Antonio


Antonio Pezzuto Jewelry buys precious metals, on-site and online, paying immediately and offering the highest price possible. Fill out the form to receive a purchase offer and sell your gold in total safety.

You sold your gold to us but you changed your mind and would like to get your ore back? Did you realize that along with your old gold you also sold an item to which you were particularly attached and would like to get back into possession of it? No problem! Starting from the day you sell or ship your gold, you have 10 days to request a return. Just a phone call or an e-mail and, after returning the amount paid by us, we will send it back to your residence address. Only the shipping costs and an amount equal to 5% of the metal value for the administrative costs will be charged to you.