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Antonio Pezzuto Jewelry repairs watches of all brands fast and safe. We offer free estimates and a six month warranty on all repairs we do.We offer complete service of your mechanical watch, repairing parts and replacing all or part of your mechanical or quartz movement. We also test for impermeability to water, dust and vapors; replace dials, date disks, buttons, spheres, straps and bracelets; make necessary adjustments; polish crowns, glass and bezel replacements.Maintenance of a mechanical watch is essential for correct operation and to preserve the object over time. Every 5 years we recommend reviewing your watch, for review we mean disassembling all the components of the movement, checking and washing with ultrasonic cleaners and degreasing products, mounting with an attached recheck of all the components (springs, screws , wheels etc ..) and control of the perfect functioning of the movement reassembled for about 4 days. During the movement control period, with the client's consent we work on polishing the case, ring nut and bracelet by removing all surface scratches. Then we proceed to the re-assembly of the movement in the case, glass, bezel and proceed with the "sub test" to test the water resistance of your watch.At this point if all the tests are positive, we put the bracelet back on the case, we fill out the warranty valid for 6 months on the correct functioning or on the repaired parts and the watch can be returned.

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