Antonio Pezzuto Jewelry offers:

  • - Competent staff in diamonds
  • - Quick responses, no more long waits.
  • - Low prices

In our laboratory we carry out repairs of rings, bracelets, bracelets, chains, chains, anklets, earrings, pendants, crosses, crucifixes, tennis, light points, wedding rings, wedding rings and trilogies. Our fingers change over time, so it becomes necessary to widen or tighten our rings: we bring all types of rings to size both in gold and silver. Personalizing a jewel makes it unique: with us you can laser engrave any symbol, word or phrase that reminds you of a special occasion or an unbreakable bond. Over the years your jewels may seem ruined, but with a polishing or rhodium-plating process we will make your jewels look like new. Even diamonds and precious stones can be restored, it can happen that you lose a precious stone from your tennis, for example: in our goldsmith's laboratory our experts will set your stone in the best way depending on the jewel. We also carry out soldering on broken jewelry in both gold and silverAs you have been able to understand the idea that a jewel is forever, it is really true: in our laboratory everything comes back as new to preserve forever the happy moments that are hidden behind a jewel.