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Buying a diamond means making an object investment with solid advantages.

The monetary valuation of each diamond is estimated based on its intrinsic characteristics, which make it a safe investment asset. The economic value of a diamond is not regulated by financial actions (sensitive to economic crises, falls of governments, wars, etc.) but by a market that always recognizes its substantial characteristics, unchanging over time.

  • The diamond retains its intrinsic value
  • Can be resold easily
  • Is exempt from government declarations or taxes
  • Is an enjoyable good
  • Is easily transportable
  • Its value is defined by a recognized international price list
  • Remittance to the market is very easy and allows liquidity to be recovered
To check price or buy a diamond on this website go visit in our customer service pages Buy a Diamond or click on this link:
The diamond will come with packaging you see in the picture on the right and it will have the Diamond Report Certificate.