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Antonio Pezzuto Jewelery offers the possibility of creating the jewels you've always dreamed of! How? With 3D prototyping and construction by electrofusion

How is this technique performed? It starts from the idea of ​​the designer or the customers who then design the jewel, or its draft, to be created and uploaded to the computer. Through a CAD design, which is a design that makes use of a particular computer technology outputted to a particular software, it is possible to draw an object such as a jewel in 3D, or in its three dimensions, in practice as it would be in reality. And here, in this phase, you can draw and create the most varied forms and textures, starting from an idea and arriving at infinite possibilities. The next step is its 3D printing, done in wax or resin depending on the technology used by the 3D printer. An ancient technique is used to form the jewel itself, followed by the manual process of polishing. Finally, to complete the creation of the jewel, precious stones or crystals are added.

The technique of electrofusion is a revolutionary, technological technique, realized on an industrial level as well as in other fields, which has opened a new field in thinking and creating jewelry and is part of that new method that uses 3D printers for the creation of jewelery. Jewels made with this technique are made with infinite shapes and designs, some recognizable by the presence of fine, subtle weaves. Delicate weaves and fretworks can also be made with very thin threads of precious and non-precious metal, such as gold, silver and bronze, high precision results that are difficult to obtain otherwise. The technique of electrofusion is a modern method where technology combines the manual work of the goldsmith, the technique of electrofusion and in general the use of 3D printers; it opens up modern millenial worlds for the goldsmith by providing him with new creative ideas, because in our opinion, the goldsmith's creativity can never be replaced by any modern machine.

With the electrofusion technique, a precision and finish superior to the traditional techniques is reached. Moreover, the price should be more constrained considering the smaller quantity of material used for their achievement.